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I'm not getting any emails from you

When you register with the site and place an order we will send you email confirmations at each stage. Also if you need to reset your password or get a reminder of your user name these will be emailed to you. If you don't receive the emails there are two possible causes ...

1. Our emails may have been misidentified as spam

This seems to be particularly problematic with hotmail and Outlook accounts. Please check your spam / junk mail folders. If you find our emails there please mark them as not spam, in Outlook follow this procedure ...

Click on your Junk Email folder. Then right click the message labeled as Junk and select Junk >> Not Junk from the context menu. The Mark as Not Junk box comes up. Check Always Trust email From sales@photography-backgrounds.co.uk and check your email address below.

In Gmail follow the procedure here


Most email clients have a "whitelist" of email addresses you want to recieve emails from, others look to see if the address is in your address book. You can ensure you recieve our emails by adding these addresses to your address book or whitelist ..

Add these addrsses to your address book



for both these domains ..

creativitybackgrounds.co.uk and photography-backgrounds.co.uk

2. You mistyped your email address when you registered.

It's possible you made a mistake when typing your email address when you registered. The easiest way to check this is to enter your email address in the user name reminder box here . If you see a message that your email is not found then your address isn't registered. To correct this, and if you can login, you can change your email address in your account settings here . If that doesn't work just register again using the correct address.

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I found Creativity Backgrounds purely by accident when I was looking for paper rolls early this year. I love this company and especially their customer support. I've had a few problems in the past (no fault of Creativity Backgrounds at all) and they have dealt with the matter very professionally, and very quickly. If only all companies run this efficiently!

Freddie Lee Thompson