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Drawn to the Beat uses Creativity Background Paper

We do see some unusual uses for our Photography Background paper from time to time, and we are often asked if can be used for drawing. Well in most cases the answer is yes it can!

Drawn to the Beat using Arctic White Photography Background paperDrawn to the Beat was a participatory music drawing event devised and led by Naomi Kendrik. The project, which took place on the 27th January 2011 at Band on the Wall, a music venue since the 1930s positioned in Manchester's creative hub in the Northern Quarter, involved 95 participants and featured a silent disco and live music.

Naomi says "Music drawing forms part of my wider art practice of drawing, sculpture, installation, participatory events in which I focus on creating work that by engaging people with the senses, offers a ‘full' experience of something and consequently a more personal connection to my artwork. My method of music drawing has listening, and emotional and physical response at its core, establishing an immediate connection between mind and body. I often draw using both hands simultaneously, while sitting on a large expanse of paper, with my eyes closed to help me focus on listening to the music."

In preparation for Drawn to the Beat Naomi had covered Band on the Wall's stage, dance floor and balcony with large sheets of photography background paper. 400 crayons, 50 graphite crayons and 100 Silent Disco headsets also lay in wait.

Drawn to the Beat using Arctic White Photography Background paper"The balcony giving a bird’s eye view of the main ‘draw floor’ was a fantastic vantage point. It revealed the amazing spectacle of crouched bodies that expelled, as if from within, vivid colour giving each person their own drawn aura. This colour then grew out from each individual merging and overlapping with others to create an almost vibrating surface, gleaming and heavy with the wax and graphite that had been pounded into it. Beautiful as this drawing was, the purpose of the event was about the experience of drawing music, literally what happens to you in that moment. The resulting giant drawing made over the course of the night is a documentation of those multiple moments, a record. Further documentation of what happened, of people’s movements, expressions and even the sounds emitted from their drawing processes were meticulously gathered through photography and film."

See more of Naomi’s work on her blog http://deadrabbit-ablog.blogspot.com/2011/02/drawn-to-beat.html

Link to more Drawn to the Beat Photography by Andrew Brooks and Jacob Russell http://www.flickr.com/photos/multisensory/sets/72157625959595554/

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