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Interview: Simon Leach

831e-095-s.jpgVanessa Champion, our consultant photographer chatted to Simon Leach, photographer and industry specialist, to find out a little bit more about the former President of the AOP and what excites him about photography now.

What got you started with photography? When you were a wee bairn or later in life?

I got my first camera aged seven, just a toy but it worked. I liked taking photographs but only family, holiday, places we went. But long story short, at sixteen having left school with little in the way of successful exam results I managed to get an apprenticeship. From there I have never really looked back and just keep trying to get better.

srl863v0126_rt_b-s.jpgWhat do you love most about photography? The technical side, the creativity?

Communication! Mixing the technical challenges with the creative process, even with digital there is still something magical about seeing a shot and being able to lift the camera and know you'll capture it for others.

What is your biggest challenge and why?

Balancing all the growing demands and expanding elements of the photographic process and business, whilst still trying to find time to work on my own creative journey and develop as a photographer.


..and the compulsory question everyone loves to hate.. what has been your most memorable shoot?

There isn't one shoot! I remember so many places visited for the first time, so many interesting people I have met, some fellow creatives all inspiring. One memory is arriving abroad at a studio where it had been agreed everything except my camera and laptop would be supplied. When I got there, the kit that actually did exist was mostly unusable and we shot a twelve image campaign predominantly with one light and a brolly.

Your most prized bit of kit?

My left eye. However much you like your kit, and there are things I would currently not want to work without, in the end photography is about your style and what you want to show the world. Your vision.


I am excited by the passion and enthusiasm and positivity of photographers I meet from all around the world. I think there are dangers and downsides but we have tremendous opportunity to place ourselves as individuals in a global market place.

Simon Leach. Member of Association of Photographers and Pro-Imaging.

See more of Simon's work in our gallery: here

Website: www.simonrleach.com
Behance is simonrleach
Twitter @simonrleach

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