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Interview with SWPP prize winner Didar Virdi

Didar Virdi won 1st Place in the Print category at the annual SWPP awards 2014 sponsored by Creativity Backgrounds. A very successful wedding photographer with his own creative and distinctive style, we caught up with him in between him running his very busy practice. It turns out he started his career as a fine art painter...

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1. I see on your site that you are a Fine Art Photographer, I like that description, as it certainly applies to your work. Has it taken you long to develop your style and where did it come from? 
As an artist and painter I have always been interested in dramatic and low light paintings.  I started retouching before I took up photography so I understood how to create and tone images to my liking to create the 'Fine Art' look.  As this is a creative process, Fine Art came very natural to me. 

2. You started off life as a painter, who inspired you as an artist? Is there anyone else who has inspired you since becoming a photographer?
Various artists have fascinated me and I constantly research fashion magazines and visit various art galleries to seek inspiration.  

3. You do large weddings, do you find those a challenge? How do you cope with the large sizes in frame?
It can be a challenge!! The most important aspect is to have belief and you need to be able to manage people.  It can be challenging at times however, by taking a step by step approach and having one of the family members on your side to help direct really helps.  Other than that, I always ask for a detailed itinerary that allows me to understand how the day will go, and always approach each wedding with a positive attitude. My motto has always been 'make it happen'. 

4. I adore the image of the Sikh wedding with the Giani on your website. That very much is like a painting. Did you have an idea for that as you took it or did come during the editing? How does it normally work for you?
Everyone loves that image! The image and light dictates how I will retouch the image.  The image was very powerful, so I wanted to make it dramatic and 'god' like. Usually, I go with how I 'feel' and let my feelings guide me. 
5. Looks like you travel around a lot for weddings, where is the best place you have been? 

At the moment, Venice was an awesome experience.  I would like to do more destination weddings, as this will be really work well with my style. 

6. If someone wants to see more of your work, where should they go?
They should contact me direct through my website www.didarvirdi.com
Instagram: DidarVirdi

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