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Jenny Potter Foundation School

Creativity Backgrounds are proud sponsors of the Jenny Potter Foundation School, set up to support teenage cancer patients.

photo132photo-s.jpgJenny Potter told us: "In 2010 I decided to set up a non profitable part of my business where I do photo shoot days for people who I feel have been through a lot in their lives and may need a day where they have something nice happen. I decided to put an ad firstly on net mums for mum's who would be models for the day.

When I received the replies I found that a lot of them had been through a lot from failed IVF treatment and lots more. So I through it would be good to do a day where the mum's felt special. I arranged with my make up artist, Rachel Short to do a photography day. The location wasn't the most glamorous of places and since this I have found a studio that I will hire for future days. We decided to invite the mum's with their babies/toddlers to a day where they had their make up done had a photo shoot and received a large complimentary photo. All this for free. For about 2 months before the photo shoot I contacted as many companies as possible to see if they could help me by donating some products, vouchers, samples, etc so that we could do goody bags for all the mums..

Foundation School

"So I decided that the foundation school part of my business would do complimentary photo shoot days for people who may be terminally ill, have ill children, be people who have had tough times from bereavement, financial problems. There is not an application form to apply for a photo shoot. I decide to contact an organisation or charity and tell them what I do and see what the response is. For 2011 I would like to do a photo shoot for some of the teenagers having cancer treatment at the teenage cancer trust, another one would be a group of women who are having chemo for breast cancer as I have a friend going through this so I may ask for her help too, with my son being type 1 diabetic. I would like to do a special day for the children and the mums maybe during the summer break from school. The foundation part of the business will be non profitable and will rely on donations, sponsorship and money for extra photos that people want will be ploughed in to pay for the day the expenses of make up artist hire, studio hire, refreshments, and items for goody bags. I may only start doing a few a year but if there are 10 to 12 people or more on the photo shoot days at least we can help the deserving people have a special day and feel special for the day.

"Part of the foundation school will also raise money for the teenage cancer trust unit at University Hospital of Wales for the teenage cancer unit there. I aim to do some fundraising by over the next 2 years doing an exhibition and auction of my music photography. I have met with the teenage cancer trust but have had to delay things due to my son's recent diagnosis of type 1 diabetes.

Even if we only manage a few photo shoots this year we will do our best to make them special and rewarding for all the deserving people."


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The storm grey I got recently is to replace one of Creativity Backgrounds that I got free from a TV shoot I worked on and subsequently used and used, but this time sadly I had to buy one! It will take a while for me to get the small bumps and folds I really like in the paper which my old roll had. The paper is thick enough to resist creasing but not so thick that it is too stiff or heavy, plus it is cheaper than similar papers from other suppliers.

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