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Featured Colour

10% off Apple Green photography Background paper
Image by Jonathan Beer

10% off featured colour Apple Green photography background paper.

Offer applies to half width and full width backdrops.


Photography Background Paper, photographic and video studio backdrops white black red yellow cream grey crimson chromablue chromagreen blue green
Photography Backgrounds Papers
Swirl Print Seamless Background Paper, swirl print photographic studio backdrop

Swirl Print Background Paper

Tuf-Flock Velour paper or vinyl backed photography backdrop, photographic studio background red blue black
Tuf-Flock Velour Backdrops
Chroma Key Fabric photography video studio backdrop, photographic or video background chroma green chroma blue
Chroma Key Fabric Backgrounds
Varitone Graduated vinyl photographic backdrop, photography studio backdrop red blue grey graduated
Varitone Graduated Backdrops
Photodrape fabric photography backdrops
PhotoDrape Fabric Backdrops
Vinyl Photography Background
Vinyl Background
Photography Background Stand and Support Systems, photographic studio backdrop stand to support photographic backdrops
Photography Backdrops Stand
PolySil Fabric Backgrounds
PolySilk Fabric Backgrounds
Photography Accessories
Photography Accessories
Ella Bella printed
Ella Bella printed backdrop
Fadless printed photography background paper
Fadless printed background paper

Looking for our best sellers? Arctic White Photography Backgrounds Paper | Polar White Photography Backgrounds Paper

Prefer the dark side?  Ultra Black Photography Backgrounds | Black Photography backgrounds | Charcoal grey backdrops

NEW Ella Bella® photiography backdrops, pretty printed backdrops for baby or product photography.

NEW Polyester fabric backgrounds, washable, easily transportable in grey, white or chroma green.

NEW ECO WHITE photography backgrounds, our "greenest" white photography backdrop yet!

NEW E X T R A  W I D E chromagreen photography background paper in 50ft and 100ft lengths.

Creativity Backgrounds is the home of photography backgrounds and photography backdrops for sale in the UK and Europe for use on location and in film and photography studios.

arctic white photography background paper as a studio backdropBuy best quality photography backgrounds, paper studio backdrops and chromakey fabrics especially designed for photographic studio, film and video studio use at competitive prices. Our  backdrops are the original Superior Seamless photography backgrounds preferred worldwide. Get creative with over 50 colours to choose from.

Our  photography backdrops are manufactured under rigid conditions to guarantee the precise, consistent, vibrant colours with a true non-reflective surface essential for a high quality film, video and photography studio backdrop. Ideal also for schools and educational use. Make Creativity Backgrounds the source of photography backdrops for your studio.


A range of over 50 colours of photography backdrops for sale in the UK and Europe from Creativity Backgrounds include the best selling storm grey photography backdrop, arctic white, polar white and black photography backdrops as well as vivid green and blue photography backdrops. For chroma key applications use our chroma blue and chroma green photography backdrops.  New to the range is our Ultra Black Photography backdrop with 20% deeper black.


Our photography backgrounds are ideal for a wide variety of creative applications in film and photography studios including fashion photography, family portrait backdrops, product photography, glamour photography,  portrait photography backdrop, advertising photography, formal wedding photography, marketing photography backdrops, brochure photography, stop frame animation chroma key backdrop, industrial photography, commercial photography backdrops, marketing displays, exhibition displays and theatrical sets, video conference backdrop, school photography backdrops.


Just a very big Thank You to Rob at Creativity Backgrounds. A large roll which was ordered a few weeks back was not needed until this weekend. Unfortunately a defect was discovered. I dropped an email off Sunday evening - and got a reply within 20 minutes. The problem is being rectified and a replacement should be with me within the next few days.. Now I consider that is service worth shouting about. Remember if you need these things for a living - trying to save a few pounds by going to some ditributor with no back up and no customer service can be false economy. Thanks again

Paul Clark

Recently Added

Weight Mate Backdrop weight 1.22m
Weight Mate Backdrop weight 1.22m
£20.00 ex VAT

£79.17 ex VAT

Pair of wall mounted brackets for three rollers
Pair of wall mounted brackets for three rollers
£25.00 ex VAT

Pair of stand clamps for two rollers
Pair of stand clamps for two rollers
£49.00 ex VAT

Single Bar Motorised Roller Background Support Set
Single Bar Motorised Roller Background Support Set
£120.00 ex VAT

Two Bar Motorised Roller Background Support Set
Two Bar Motorised Roller Background Support Set
£249.99 ex VAT

Twistflex Black and White
Twistflex Black and White
£175.00 ex VAT

Twistflex Chroma Green and Blue
Twistflex Chroma Green and Blue
£175.00 ex VAT